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Leasing Electronic Signage Process

The steps to leasing electronic signage

There are only a few, very quick and painless, steps to leasing LED displays.

We have outlined the steps below so you will know what to expect while going through this easy process.

If at any time you have ANY questions about this process or the status of your equipment lease application, you can call either your iCatch Displays client representative directly or the main iCatch Displays phone number and we will answer your questions.

Step 1: Print and Fill out the Electronic Signage Lease Application. Once completed fax the application to (318)425-7660.

Step 2: One of our electronic signage leasing representatives will contact you to go over your application and initiate your approval. Approval of your LED Sign Leasing Application is normally completed within 24 hours.

Step 3: You will receive your electonic signage leasing documents via courier or e-mail, whichever you indicated would be best for you to our LED sign Leasing representative.

Step 4: You will sign the lease documents and attach any required additional information (e.g., a copy of your Driver's License for signature verification) and fax to your representative for review. Once the documents have been reviewed for accuracy and signatures you will return them in the pre-paid overnight courier envelope.

Step 5: Upon receipt of the lease documents the funding source will contact you via telephone to verify your approval of the lease terms and obtain your authorization to release a down payment of 50% to iCatch Displays so that we may begin the fabrication and installation process.

Step 6: After your LED Display has been delivered and/or installed the funding source will contact you to verify that everything has been completed to your saitisfaction and obtain your authorization to release the remaining 50% payment to iCatch Displays.

The number of monthly payments, the amount of the payment and when your payments will begin are the "terms" of the LED Sign Leasing and will be determined by factors such as credit worthiness, length of time in business and the type of business.

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