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REVEALED – ‘The Secret Weapon’ That Can Explode Your Revenue, Decrease Your Overhead And Bring In More New Customers Than Ever, Despite Increasing Numbers of Lower-Priced Competitors!


“How To Increase Your Car Count Using Your Greatest Hidden Asset”

To get started, I would first like to tell you that what you are about to read is truly ‘breakthrough’ information that has been overlooked by every advertising agency and ‘marketer’ in the Fast Lube Industry. Your greatest source of new business is right under your nose and you aren’t using it! Not even to a tenth of its potential anyway. That’s right! You are literally throwing away thousands of opportunities each and every day to attract new customers to your bays. Shocked? Offended? I hope not, but if you are… keep reading! It gets worse!

Let’s examine this ‘wasted source’. Let’s determine, up front, whether or not I am ‘full of it’ or ‘right on the money’ as our first matter of business.

Where is your Fast Lube facility (or facilities) located? Are you on a busy street or a dusty farm road? Well, obviously 99.9% of us are located on a busy street. Why not on a farm road in the middle of nowhere? It would certainly cost far less money to open our facility somewhere out in the ‘boonies’, right? So here’s an idea, let’s all move our facilities from the busy, highly traveled streets we are on now and relocate them to nice peaceful, quiet, serene country roads? Wouldn’t that be great? Just think how much faster we could get out of our parking lots at quittin’ time!

I can hear you screaming from here… WAIT!!! We need all that traffic! We put our facilities out here on the busiest roads in town for a reason! If we relocate to the boonies, no one will drive by and pull in to our Fast Lube!

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I couldn’t agree more! I hope that this simple point was enough to bring us into agreement as to whether or not I am ‘full of it’! The very point of this report is to expose the ‘hidden value’ in that traffic, which is your ‘greatest hidden asset’ the asset you are already paying thousands of dollars each month to be in front of. I guarantee that you are not taking full advantage of the explosive opportunity waiting to burst forth from your traffic, even though you are probably already attempting to argue this very valid, very real and very simple principle. Remember, I told you it would ‘get worse’! If you want to stop reading, go ahead! Now would be a good time, because we are about to get ultra serious about this ‘black-hole-of-waste’ in your business! Still reading? OK, but consider yourself warned; It ain’t gonna be pretty!

Let me tell you that hundreds of my clients, friends and family will all tell you that ‘you can count on Eric Stevens to tell it like it is’. I have built my entire career on a strategy that has become so foreign in the American marketplace that most people can’t even comprehend the idea. People that work with our company must come to embrace this idea or they will get themselves ‘fired’. It matters to me more than anything. It is called the ‘Strategy of Pre-Eminence’.

The Strategy of Pre-Eminence states that I will put the needs of others (including my clients) before the needs of myself or my company, even if it means losing money or a sale.

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