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Indoor LED Signs & LED Displays

Let people know about your special products and service while they are IN your store with LED Signs & Displays!

iCatch Displays is proud to offer the best available Indoor Monochrome LED Signs in the industry.

Whether you want to place your Indoor LED Sign in a window in direct sunlight or in your store over a register our Indoor Monochrome LED Signs are right for you.

Our Indoor Monochrome LED signs feature outdoor brightness levels intense enough to compete with direct sunlight.

Our Indoor Monochrome LED Signs also feature adjustable brightness which allow you to control the brightness for all levels of ambient light from direct sunlight to dark low light conditions such as night clubs or bars.

In order for your LED Signs to produce results they must clearly communicate the message you program them with. If your message is to dim to be read what's the point of displaying it? If it is too bright it will glare out and become unreadable as well.

The key to an effective Indoor Monochrome LED Sign is 'Variable Brightness'. Our Indoor Monochrome LED Signs feature 100 different levels of brightness.

In addition to variable brightness our Indoor Monochrome LED Signs also have all of the functionality of an Outdoor Monochrome LED Displays.

You can display your text using various display modes such as sparkle, flash, blink, zoom, scroll and more.

Our Indoor Monochrome LED Signs also have the ability to display the same graphic images as our Outdoor Monochrome Series. Each Indoor Monochrome LED Display comes with the same graphics and programming package as our Outdoor Monochrome LED Signs.

Our Indoor Monochrome Led Signs also include our 5 year bumper-to-bumper parts and in-house labor warranty with software training and programming support for the entire 5 year warranty period.

Call us today and let us show you an online LIVE demo of our Indoor Monochrome LED Sign with your customized message running on it.

Or, if you have done your homework and are ready to invest in a set of Indoor LED Signs, visit our Online Indoor Window LED Signs Store now.

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