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Installing Electronic Signs

What you need to know about installing an electronic sign

A big part of purchasing an electronic sign is the installation. If you are going to handle the installation yourself (called a "drop-ship" order) we highly recommend that you read this section of our website before deciding whether or not handling the installation yourself is truly the best decision.

Some LED Sign companies have been known to make claims that installing an Electronic LED Sign is easy and anyone can do it. This is not the truth. It does however save that company from having to handle the details of the installation, which can be difficult.

At iCatch Displays we pride ourselves on our turnkey installation services. We can handle the entire process for you ensuring a professional, high quality installation.

The electronic sign installation process includes survey services, obtaining permits from local municipalities as required by law, structural engineering, primary signage, structure and bracket fabrication as well as final installation and testing of all electronic sign components.

While it possible to save a "few bucks" cutting corners and attempting to put the electronic sign up yourself, in the long run you will most likely be better off letting a professional handle the installation.

Each installation presents it's very own unique circumstances and unforeseen challenges. Sometimes, what seems like any 'easy job' quickly turns into a nightmare!

For example, digging a hole 2' in diameter 6' deep to set a stell pipe in the ground to hold your sign seems simple enough right? What if you hit bedrock? Or underground water? Who will make sure that you don't hit any underground utility services resulting in thousands of dollars in fines from the utility company?

Do you know the special considerations when installing large color led displays?

All outdoor LED Signs present special challenges and unless you have experience installing electronic signs we strongly recommend letting a professional handle the job! Give us a call for a free evaluation of your installation needs.

For a more detailed look at what we can provide as part of our installation service please take a look at our Electronic Sign Installation pages. The link are on the left of this page.

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