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Electronic Sign Survey

What is incluced in surveys for electronic signs?

The installation process begins with a survey of your property to determine the best possible location for your new electronic sign.

If your electronic sign is to be installed to an existing structure then part of the survey process is to determine if the existing structure is suitable to attach your LED sign to.

In the event that you have an existing structure it must be checked to ensure that it can handle the increased weight and windload of your new electronic sign. This is done by examining the existing structure, measuring the existing pole(s) and checking with the city to see if they have a drawing of the footing (the section of pipe and concrete beneath the ground) on file.

If we are removing an existing sign and replacing it with an electronic sign and the new electronic sign is the same size or smaller than the existing sign then there will be no increase to the windload and structural engineering may not be required.

The survey process also includes the taking of necessary measurements required to complete a sign permit application as required by your local government offices. During the survey process your business location may also be photographed to create digital photo renderings of the proposed electronic sign installation.

Other information gathered during a survey may include but is not limited to: distance to the nearest intersection, distance from programming computer to sign structure, setback of existing sign structure from street or highway, elevation of existing structure, nearby visual obstructions and notations regarding posted speed limits.

If you are investing in a monochrome LED signs these measurements will have a different impact on sizing than if you are investing in color LED displays.

There are many factors used to determine the optimal location for your new electronic sign and the process is slightly different for every location. The important thing to know is that the survey is the key to ensuring that your electronic sign is properly sized and located for maximum optimal visibility and readability.

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