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Fabrication & Installation of
Electronic Signs

What's Included With A Full Service Installation

Depending on the nature of your electronic sign installation it may be necessary to fabricate custom bracketing or additional signage components such as decorative pole cladding or a new primary identification sign. iCatch Displays is ready to meet all of your custom fabrication needs.

Installation of LED Sign

Many of our clients are need of improvements to all of their existing signage. iCatch Displays can provide services for not only your LED Displays but for all of your signage needs at wholesale cost as long as the signage is done in conjunction with your new electronic sign. We can provide Window Vinyl, Channel Letters, I.D. Signs, Vehicle Graphics, Awning and much more. Just ask one of our experts about our fabrication capabilities.

After your electronic sign and other needed components have been fabricated they are shipped to one of our local installation partners in your area. They are shipped in durable wooden crates and packing containers to ensure safe to delivery to your location. Once they have been received by one of our local installation partners they are inspected to ensure that they are damage free and operational. Once your electronic sign and components are ready to be installed a date of installation will be established.

The installation process varies greatly from location to location and project to project because there are an infinite number of variables in every installation. Your installation can last anywhere from one day to three days depending on the size of the electronic sign and support structure.

If you already have an existing sign structure the installation will be much quicker than an installation that requires a hole to be drilled in the ground, a pipe to be set and concrete to be poured.

Regardless of the size, iCatch Displays has a vast amount of project management experience managing multiple simultaneous LED Signs installations coast to coast all year long.

Final Inspection & Testing
Upon completion of your installation a final inspection of the project will be made and all necessary communication functions from your office to the electronic sign will verified for functionality. This is done the same day as your installation. You will not be required to pay your balance due iCatch Displays unless all systems are operational and your project is completed.

iCatch Displays offers all of its clients lifetime training and support for their electronic signs. Once your display has been successfully installed and tested we will provide you an online interactive training session. It is important that you receive this training. Many business owners assume that they can figure out the software which is true. However, there is more to programming your electronic sign than merely putting a message on it. Our programming experts have years of experience and feedback from business owners all over the nation. They know what messages will increase your business and what messages will simply go unnoticed.

Be sure to take advantage of our training program. We want your electronic sign to bring you the best possible return on your investment and the programming is the key to making your electronic sign truly effective. The live interactive training program is available to you as long as you own your electronic signs. Just give us a call and set an appointment, even if you just need a quick refresher course, we are here to help.

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