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Indoor LED Signs & LED Displays

Increase Your Average Sale By Advertising IN your Store with An LED Display or LED Sign.

Indoor LED Signs are fast becoming a recognized tool for advertising in-store promotions and to draw attention to key points of interest in your business.

Outdoor LED Signs are designed to get people off the street and into your business and it works.

So, if LED Signs can get attention from people as they are driving by your store imagine what they can do for the people walking around IN your store?

iCatch Displays has pioneered a new program utilizing Indoor LED Signs to increase your sales on the inside using the same techniques that work on the outside.

Impulse sales are driven by making a consumer aware of a product or service at the exact time they are available and able to make the purchase even though they hadn't planned on doing so.

What better time than the exact moment they are in your store to create an impulse sale?

Indoor LED Signs create the same effect as there Outdoor counterparts. When someone is walking around inside your store they will not buy what they don't notice.

Just the same as Outdoor LED Displays draw attention to a business that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, an Indoor LED Sign draws attention to a product or service that may have gone unnoticed.

The addition of an Indoor LED Sign could create additional sales opportunities by telling the people that have already come to your business about special products or services they may not have seen.

Like Outdoor LED Signs, Indoor LED Signs come in different types and sizes. For instance there are Monochrome Indoor LED Signs and Color Indoor LED Displays. We are ready to help you select the right Indoor LED Display for your business.

Give us a call and ask for an Indoor LED Display specialist or click on the links to the left to read more about the different types of Indoor LED Signs.

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