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Color Indoor LED Signs & Displays

Are Color Indoor LED Signs & Displays the Best Value for Your Business?

The most important part of selecting an Indoor LED sign is determining where it will be placed.

If your intention is to place your Indoor LED Sign in a window to attract the attention of people on the outside of your business than it must meet the same brightness requirements as an Outdoor LED Sign.

It is very important that as a consumer you are aware of the difference between indoor and outdoor brightness when it comes to LED Displays. Most Indoor Full Color LED Signs are not bright enough to be placed in a window to compete with direct sunlight.

If you are going to place your Indoor Full Color LED Sign in a window then we recommend using a display that has a brightness rating comparable to that of Outdoor LED Signs. If your Indoor LED Sign is not bright enough to compete with direct sunlight than you will most likely be wasting your money unless your business only needs the advertising exposure at night time.

For display in a window we recommend the Indoor Monochrome LED Signs.

For those business owners wanting to create a full color indoor message where sunlight is not a factor, we recommend the use of LCD or Plasma technology. Essentially indoor advertising in full color can be accomplished by connecting a large computer screen to a computer and displaying all different types of advertising including video, photos and graphic images.

iCatch Displays will be more than happy to assist you with your indoor advertising needs. Just give us call and ask for an Indoor LED Sign specialist.

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