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Full Color LED Digital Billboards

You can Make Money With Full Color LED Digital Billboards

Full Color LED Digital Billboards are large scale LED Signs that are most commonly used for off premise advertising.

Off premise advertising means that the advertisements featured on the LED Sign are for products or services not offered at the location of the LED Display.

Many outdoor advertising billboard companies have converted their traditional billboards to Full Color LED Digital Billboards.

Digital Billboards give media companies the ability to lease advertising space to several advertisers on one billboard. Digital Billboards also afford advertisers the ability to advertise on multiple billboards expanding their advertising coverage.

Digital Billboards aren't just for the big media companies. Digital Billboards can also be a great investment for small business persons and entrepreneurs as well.

Digital Billboards can generate thousands of dollars in income each month for the owner / operator of the Digital Billboard. Most investors will purchase a Digital Billboard using some type of loan, lease or equipment finance agreement.

For a small initial investment you could own a Digital Billboard.

Owning and operating Digital Billboard LED Displays means that you lease space to advertisers who make a monthly payment to you for displaying their advertisement on your Digital Billboard.

If you lease 10 slots at $850 dollars per slot you will gross around $8500 per month. If your lease or finance agreement has a $4,000 a month payment you will net $4,500 per month before electrical and maintenance costs.

This is a simplified example. To get a detailed cost analysis, call today and speak to our Digital Billboard department.

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