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Color Video LED Signs & Displays

Outdoor Color Video LED Signs could Skyrocket Your Business

Outdoor Full Color RGB Video LED Signs are the latest breakthrough development in on-premise advertising.

Full Color LED Signs give you the ability to advertise your products and services using graphics, text, images or video right in front of your business where thousands of people pass by every single day.

You've heard the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words". Full Color LED Signs give you the ability to communicate with imagery - the most powerful form of communication in the world.

Unlike Monochrome and Grayscale LED Signs that use only one color of LED light, Full Color Video LED Signs utilize three different colors of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The three colors used are Red, Green and Blue.

Each individual LED can be operated at different intensity levels to create as many as 281 Trillion colors of light.

Green and Blue LED's are considerably more expensive than Red or Amber LED's. The use of Green and Blue LED's in Full Color LED Signs results in a notable price increase when going from a Monochrome LED Sign or Grayscale LED Sign to a Full Color LED Display.

For example, a 4' X 8' Full Color LED Sign will typically cost double that of a 4' X 8' Monochrome LED Sign. In addition to using three different colors of LED's to create the wide array of color, the LED's in a Full Color LED Display must be positioned much closer together.

Moving the LED's closer together means more LED's must be used in a Full Color LED Sign than in a Grayscale or Monochrome LED Sign. The use of additional LED's also contributes to the increased cost over the price of Monochrome LED Displays.

Having considered the difference in price, a Full Color LED Sign may still be the best solution for your business if the use of Full Color Graphic Images and Video will create the additional impulse sales to drive revenue, and thus profits, up.

iCatch Displays has the right team available to help you determine if the additional investment in a Full Color LED Display vs. a Grayscale or Monochrome LED Sign will pay off.

If the cost is justified a Full Color Video LED Sign may have a tremendous impact on your business. If you are not sure the additional cost is justified check out our Red & Amber Monochrome LED Signs or our Red & Amber Grayscale LED Displays.

Call us today to schedule a LIVE demo of our Full Color LED Display Content Creation Software. We will show you the powerful messages you can create for your Full Color LED Display.

Technical Specifications
Color Capability: 16.7 Million or optional 281 Trillion colors
Estimated LED Lifetime: 100,000 hours (Over 10 years)
Average Brightness: 8,000+ NITS
Viewing Angle: 140 degrees
Brightness/Contrast Enhancement: Individual louvers for each individual LED diode
Graphic capability: Text, Animation, Pictures, Video
Display Dimming: 100 Levels
Scan Rate: 300 Hz
Communications Options: Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet, Fiber Optic, Broadband Internet

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