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Of the two main types of LED Displays or LED Signs, indoor & outdoor, the outdoor LED Sign is the most common.

Drive down any street in America in a city that doesn't have zoning ordinances that prohibit Electronic Changeable LED Signs and you will most likely see several businesses with LED Signs.

Many national chain stores have adopted the use of LED Signs at all of their locations nationwide. When considering the purchase of Outdoor LED Signs or LED Displays it is important to first determine when you need your message to be read.

Is your business open during daylight hours? If your business is only open at night does that mean you don't want to advertise your business during the day?

If you want your LED Display to work for you both day and night it is very important to consider the brightness of the LED Sign your are going to purchase.

A NIT is a measurement of visible light intensity. Your computer screen probably has 200 to 300 NITs of visible brightness. If you were to try and see your computer screen outdoors in the sunlight it won't be visible.

This is because your computer screen doesn't have enough 'visible light intensity'. If you purchase an LED Sign that doesn't have enough light intensity it won't be highly visible in outdoor lighting conditions.

In order for an LED Sign to be properly visible in outdoor daylight conditions it must have a minimum rating of 5,000 NITs.

In addition to the NIT rating of your LED Sign you should also avoid LED Signs that use a faceshield over the LED's.

The use of a faceshield is common in poorly manufactured LED Signs that use LED components that aren't weather proof. The use of a faceshield over your LED Sign will create glare in daylight conditions that will inhibit the visibility of your text, images and video.

Lastly, watch out for horizontal louvers that run across the entirety of your LED sign. These louvers will often block the visibility of as many as half of the LED's in your LED Sign. When the LED Sign is elevated in the air on a pole the downward angle toward the traffic causes the horizontal louvers to block the visibility of the LED's closest to the louvers.

LED's in an LED Sign should be individually sealed for protection against the weather and individually louvered to prevent blockage and glare.

It is a little cheaper to buy an LED sign with a faceshield and horizontal louvers due to lower manufacturing costs to produce a lower quality LED Sign but in the long run it is the visibility of your LED Display that will increase your sales and create a positive return on your investment.

There are different types of Outdoor LED Signs. Depending on the type of message you are trying to communicate you can select from Monochrome (Single Color) LED Signs, Grayscale (multiple shades of a single color) LED Signs or Full Color RGB Video LED Displays.

The type of display you select will depend heavily on the type of business you operate. Some business types are more suited for Monochrome Text based LED Signs while others are more suited for Full Color Video LED Displays.

Please read our sections on the different types of Outdoor LED Signs or call and speak to one of our knowledgeable experts and we will guide you through the process of selecting the right type of Outdoor LED Sign for your business.

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