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Grayscale LED Signs & Displays

Outdoor Grayscale LED Signs & Displays Provide Increased Graphics Capabilities

Outdoor Grayscale Text/Video LED Signs are similar to Monochrome LED Signs in that they only use a single color of LED (usually red or amber) to create text and or graphic images on the LED Sign.

The difference is that the Grayscale LED Sign will allow multiple shades of the single color LED whereas Monochrome LED Signs will only display one shade of a single color.

The Grayscale LED Sign is similar to a black and white television. It will show video and graphics but only in different shades of a single color.

Grayscale LED Signs are a perfect solution for business that want the ability to display graphic images but don't have a real need for full color video.

The Grayscale LED Sign will allow you to display video and graphics without the increased cost associated with Full Color RGB Video LED Signs. Grayscale LED Signs cost only a little more than Monochrome LED Signs while offering the ability to display full motion animation and video clips.

Be sure to ask one of our representative for a live demo of the Grayscale LED Sign software and the Monochrome LED Sign software to see which suits your abilities better. If you aren't a whiz on the computer you may want to consider sticking with a Monochrome LED Sign. If you experience difficulties programming your Electronic LED Displays you will be more likely not to change it. At iCatch Displays our number one concern is the effectiveness of your LED Sign. If you aren't changing it frequently won't get the maximum increase in your sales.

Talking to one of our representatives is the safest way to ensure that you make the right choice.

Call us today and we will do a live demonstration of the LED Sign programming software for both the Monochrome and Grayscale LED Displays.

Technical Specifications
Color Capability: Red or Amber
Estimated LED Lifetime: 100,000 hours (Over 10 years)
Average Brightness: 5,000+ NITS
Viewing Angle: 140 degrees
Brightness/Contrast Enhancement: Individual louvers for each individual LED diode
Graphic capability: Text, Animation, Video, Foreign Language Fonts
Display Dimming: 100 Levels
Scan Rate: 300 Hz
Communications Options: Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet, Fiber Optic, Braosband Internet

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