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Leasing Electronic Signage

Why Leasing Electronic Signage might be the right choice for you

There are numerous advantages to Leasing your LED signs. The advantages range from your security in the transaction to increased cash flow. We will break down some of the biggest advantages for you on this page.

Personal Security

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Who are you purchasing your Electronic Signage from?
  • Are they a reputable, well established company?
  • Will they deliver your LED displays in a timely manner completing the project as promised in its entirety?
  • Do you have time to do a thorough check on the LED sign provider you are buying from to ensure that your down payment or deposit is safe?

In order for an electronic signage provider to receive a down payment or deposit (called 'advanced funding' or a 'progress payment') from the funding source, the provider of the LED signs (in your case, iCatch Displays) must undergo a thorough background and credit check by the funding source. A 'fly by night' company simply can't qualify for this type of financial arrangement.

When you lease your LED sign system, you involve third party, the funding source, which eliminates the need for you to worry about the safety of your money. The funding source pays the 50% deposit required to begin fabrication and installation and only pays the balance when YOU say the job is done.

Your risk of 'getting burned' is virtually eliminated.

Cash Flow

Sure, making payments on anything, including electronic signs, means you will be paying interest or fees to borrow the money to pay the signage. It is always 'cheaper' to pay cash BUT is it more cost effective?

Your electronic signage is a profit center for your business. That means it will generate a profit for you in the form of new and increased business.

If you lease your Electronic Signage and your payment is $600 per month or $20 per day and the increase in your business results in $40 worth of net profit, you are literally using someone else's money to generate that additional profit.

The best part is you can now use that cold hard cash that you were going to spend on an LED display to purchase something else for your business that will generate even more profit. In other words, you can never have enough profit centers.

In the spirit of making this idea simple, would you rather have two things making you $40 in profit everyday or one?

Using a Lease can free up your money to invest in something else for your business that will help your business grow.


A standard equipment lease is secured only by the collateral of the lease, meaning the electronic signage. If something were to happen you won't be in jeapordy of losing your home because of an inability to meet your financial obligation to the lease company.

Compare this to a bank loan which require your home as collateral to secure the loan. A bank loan can mean lower interest rates but a higher risk should you be unable to make your payments.

Tax Benefits

Businesses can write-off up to $100,000 from taxable income through leasing their LED sign systems.

Smart money business owners are strategically purchasing electronic signage through a standard equipment lease saving them thousand of dollars in taxes.

You should however consult with your tax advisor for benefits of equipment leasing specific to your business structure.

To read more about the electronic signage leasing process or the disadvantages to leasing electronic signage simply click one of the links on the left.

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