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Fastlube Operators Electronic Message Board

On-Premise Electronic Message Board Marketing Information


While buying an LED Message Sign for your business is a great idea it should be done with caution!

You should carefully research your purchase.

Buying a display that is too small will do nothing for your business! Buying one that is too large will certainly get you the results you are looking for (increased car counts) but you will be spending thousands more than necessary.

Please take the time to read this information from the BEGINNING to the END. A purchase of this type should not be made without the right information. We have compiled this information for you right here on this one-of-a-kind website, designed exclusively for Fast Lube Operators seeking to increase profits with the tested and proven effective LED Display technology. Whether you buy from us or another company this information will help ensure that you get the right display for your location.

So. Hold your calls and lock the door behind you for a few minutes while you learn everything you need to know about.

Increasing Car Counts With LED Display Technology

Lighting Up Profits

As seen in National Oil & Lube News**

One aspect of bettering any business, including fast lubes, is keeping up with technological advances. Surprisingly, one of the latest technological crazes to hit the fast lube industry probably won't be found inside the typical lube shop, but outside.

LED signs - either main banners or digital reader boards equipped with light emitting diodes that can display a user editable message - are becoming more and more commonplace in the industry. In fact, almost a third of the entries in this year's Best Looking Lube Contest featured LED signs.

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