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The obvious answer to this ‘how do I get them to stop’ question is: Tell Them To Stop –Give Them a REASON! The ‘tool’ with which you ‘tell them’? Your signage. I know… you already know about signage, you read that article in the Lube News... I must disagree… You don’t know squat about signage! Oops.. Did I say that out loud? Don’t be surprised if I don’t apologize, you don’t know! So why not whip out the yellow pages and call a sign company and get them out here to fix the problem. Well, ironically (and sadly), they don’t know much either. They certainly know a little more about it than you do, but it’s still not the ‘right’ information.

The sign industry is very different from the Fast Lube industry. It has been my experience that Fast Lube owner/operators are a business savvy, ambitious, entrepreneurial crowd. Sign companies on the other hand are normally ran by welders, craftsmen, tradesmen, painters and the like. Very rarely will you find someone at a sign company that actually knows about the true purpose of signage. Even more rarely will you find a ‘sign man’ who has ANY IDEA of how that knowledge can be intelligently translated into big money for a Fast Lube facility on a busy street. Again, do not misinterpret me. I am not picking on the sign companies! Sign companies are a vital part of our operation, just like the nurses are in any hospital. The problem is that sign companies sell signs. They have never been trained in effective marketing and advertising. They have no idea of how to design and utilize signage to ‘solve problems’ and ‘create business’.

Back to out ‘nurse’ analogy: The real trick is having the knowledge that leads to the right diagnosis or treatment of an ailment so that the nurses can then do their job based on the diagnosis made by the doctor. So, how do we diagnose ‘sign-sickness’ or identify the problem areas in your facilities ability to attract new business from the ‘money-stream-of-traffic’? That truly is a great question! Like any diagnosis, we can start with a few questions that will give ‘the doctor’ a feel for the way your business is currently feeling…

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Diagnosis Questions:

  1. Of the 40,000 (give or take) cars that pass your location everyday, how many of them use motor oil?

  2. Of the 40,000 motor oil consuming vehicles passing your location everyday, how many of them do you want to notice your Fast Lube?

  3. Of the many products, services and special promotions your Fast Lube offers, how many of them do you want the passing traffic to be aware of?
    **According to the U.S. Small Business Administration 85% of your customers live and work within a 5-10 mile radius of your Fast Lube. They pass by your location as many as 30 to 40 times per month on average.**
  4. Of the 30 to 40 times your customers pass by you every month, how many times do you want them to notice you and be informed of additional or new services available at your Fast Lube?

  5. Now for a much bigger question… Are you currently achieving 100% of all of these things?

  6. And an even bigger question… What would happen if you were (can you imagine)? Now, before you read further, do me (and yourself) a favor: Really think about your answer for just a second. No, really! What would happen if: You got each and every person to look each and every time they passed- as you pounded their minds with all of the reasons why they NEED to pull in NOW and ring your cash register?

    And last but not least… the BIGGEST QUESTION OF ALL…


If you would like to know how, stay with me and I will tell you. If you are one of those people who think you already have it figured out, please, stop reading, crinkle the report up and toss it into the round filing cabinet. If you are having fun with me at this point and you like what you are hearing… please proceed!

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