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How You Can - Maximize Your Car Counts, Get More Attention, Enhance Your Image, Educate Your Customers, Create Impulse Sales And A Whole Lot More…

I would like to thank you for sticking with me this far. In a world where the average attention span is something like that of a gnat, it can be very challenging to keep peoples’ attention. Well, your effort is about to pay off! I assure you, you are very close to understanding why you have failed to get the most out of your Fast Lube facility and how you can, finally, once and for all, change it forever!

We should be in agreement at this point that your greatest asset is your traffic. There they are, passing by, thousands of them every hour, approaching your facility …and then passing you by… without giving you a second thought. And, I doubt if you have ever thought about this, but who could be a better potential customer than a person driving a vehicle, NEEDING to have their vehicle serviced WHILE THEY ARE APPROACHING your location? Is there anybody else you could target your marketing towards with a higher chance of ‘getting’ the bizniss’? If there is… please put down this report and call me (it’s free: 877-287-9180) so that I can re-write this report and adjust my system to include this unknown source of new customers. Let’s face it. There isn’t one. Do really think someone is going to turn their car around, drive 6 miles across town for an oil change on impulse, because they heard a radio spot? I would say ‘probably not’ or ‘slim chance’. (And even if they did, the odds are very, very high that they would stop in at the first Fast Lube service business they saw. That is typically what happens when you advertise off-site anyway!)

So, what can you possibly do, that will:

  • Draw as much attention to your Fast Lube as possible?

  • Communicate as much information about your Fast Lube as possible?

  • Enhance the image of your Fast Lube, as an ultra-modern, state-of-the-art, best-of-the-best facility?

  • ‘Teach’ approaching motorists to look at you every time they drive by on the way to and from work or the grocery store?

  • On-demand - immediately inform approaching motorists that you have an ‘open bay’, resulting in the best possible impulse response known to man.

  • Invite thousands of people to enjoy coffee in the lobby this morning while they get a top of the line service on their vehicle?

  • Bring the Ladies in on ‘Ladies Day’- by actually INVITING them NOW?

  • Give you the ability to instantly adapt your baseline oil change price to the time of day or day of the week?

I could go on and on, but I won’t because I am sure you get the point! In a career spent serving others and trying to find the best, absolutely optimal method for my clients to accomplish their goals and get the most out of their businesses, I have only found one way that truly serves the retail community when all things are considered, the Electronic Message Display System, backed by optimal programming. I am going to provide you with a list of the reasons that I ‘know what I know’. Please, pick up a pen or pencil (unless you are reading the ‘online’ computer version of this report) and check off any of these reasons that you feel apply to your Fast Lube:

LED Sign
  • A Standard Fast Lube sign may get 1 out of 10 motorists to really take notice of the facility. That number decreases based on ‘saturation’ of signage in your immediate trade area. You are most likely surrounded by other businesses who are also trying to gain the attention of approaching motorists, right? iCatch Electronic Message Systems blink, sparkle, scroll (hundreds of programming options) intelligently timed messages to that traffic. The result is a much greater percentage of approaching motorists taking notice. If more people notice you, what is going to happen? That’s right… more customers!

  • When you offer useful information to the community and they know it is there, they will look for it. Does your current signage offer any useful information? What is useful information? The most frequently asked question in the world next to ‘How are you?’ is ‘What time is it’? This obviously makes ‘the time’ useful information. How about the temperature? Would you consider that useful information? iCatch Electronic Message Systems automatically display the current time as well as the temperature. Remember, your potential customers (those people living in the trade area) pass your location an average of 30 to 40 times a month! What would happen if they were looking for the time and temperature every time they passed? What are they going to see while they are waiting for the time and temperature? That’s right… your promotional message! Why do you think the banks have been doing this for nearly two decades?

  • What information can be provided to approaching motorists that could create an immediate impulse to ‘pull them in’? I borrowed this idea from a very popular donut maker. When you can provide someone an immediately relevant piece of information such as donuts that are ‘Hot Now’ or a haircut with ‘No Waiting’, you have the ability to create an impulse purchase like no other! Do you currently have a way of letting people know that you have an ‘open bay’ with ‘no waiting’. iCatch Electronic Message Systems put that power at your fingertips. The simple click of a mouse will change your message to ‘BAY OPEN – NO WAITING’ and turn that empty bay into an occupied bay. What would happen if you had the ability to control this kind of impulse-creating ‘up to the second’ live information?

  • Does your current signage allow you to ‘connect’ with the community without losing your ability to advertise your necessary promotional information? Most Fast Lube signs today have a section of hand-changeable lettering. Typically 3 or 4 lines of 6 to 8 inch text. If you use this area of your sign to recognize a local sports team or charity, you are sacrificing your ability to tell motorists about your current special offer. iCatch Electronic Message Systems allow you to have the best of both worlds. You can give a spot or two to a local sports team or charity without giving up your ability to promote your products and services. How much ‘good will’ can you create by recognizing the local High School on your iCatch Electronic Message System? Go Lions! Or Tigers! Or Bears! Oh My!

While I could continue to go on about the hundreds of ways an iCatch Electronic Message Display can communicate with your community, get you a whole lot more attention than you have been getting and bring in more new business than you can imagine, I am going to wrap things up and get to the ‘bottom-line’. If you haven’t heard enough to take the next step and call us now for more information, I don’t know what else I can say that will change your thinking other than…

Why I Should Call iCatch Displays Right This Minute And Find Out How My Fast Lube Can Save Hundreds Of Dollars By Beating Royce To The Phone!

If you are reading this report, you requested it. We do not mail this information to uninterested parties. As a part of the process I will be calling you to schedule an On-Site Analysis as well as a Local Ordinance Permissibility Check. The fee for this service is $500. Call me back within 24 hours of reading this report (I sent it, so I have a rough idea when you got it!) before I call you and we will provide you with an On-Site Analysis as well as a Local Ordinance Permissibility Check (combined $500 value) absolutely free of charge. If your Fast Lube facility is eligible for an Electronic Message System (city ordinances sometimes prohibit them) I am prepared to make you an incredible offer. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE ON THIS ONE. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Electronic Message Displays will one day become the industry standard. Be the leader –not the follower on this! Call Now… and we will schedule your FREE Permissibility Verification and On-Site Analysis Immediately. Don’t delay, pick up the phone and dial 877-287-9180. The call is Free and so is the Analysis and Permissibility Verification if you act now!

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