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Can An LED Display Help You Grow?

An LED Sign or LED Display can help you grow by staying in touch with your conregation

Churches are one of our largest market segments. Churches have the need to put out a steady stream of ever changing information such as Service Times, Study Groups, Special Occasions, Weddings, Birthdays and much more.

An LED Sign allows you to provide your congregation with up to the minute detailed information about all of your upcoming and current events.

Churches normally require an LED Display that will allow an ample number of lines of text. An LED Sign with a minimum of three lines of text will normally be required but as many as six lines can be helpful due to the large amount of information that churches need to communicate.

The number of lines of text that your LED Sign will display is more important than it's ability to display full color graphics. The graphics capabilities of Full Color Outdoor LED Signs are nice and if budget is no concern than the Full Color option will do both graphics and have the necessary text capabilities.

If you are working on a budget however it is best to go with large Monochrome Text LED Displays over a smaller Full Color Video LED Sign.

Another important aspect of an LED Display for your church to consider is that it's usefulness goes beyond it's ability to share information. Just like a retail business, your church will grow based on your ability to attract new customers (members).

A retail business grows in direct proportion to the number of people that are exposed to the business. Your church will also grow in the same manner.

More exposure equals more members. Churches have a way of fading into the background and becoming a part of the local scenery. A Programmable Outdoor LED Sign will make your church stand out from the community background. The local traffic will become dependent on your LED Sign for the Time and Temperature. The increased visibility of your church will result in increased attendance and membership.

More attention always equals more business whether your selling tires or saving souls. It is a mathematical issue. The more you tell...the more you sell!

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