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LED Sign for Convenience Stores

How an LED Sign or LED Display will generate more revenue for your store

An Electronic LED Display is a sign that uses LED lighting to deliver a stunningly bright programmed message and /or images as well as time and temperature to the traffic passing your stores. Please take a moment to read the following information regarding a special program designed to produce dramatic increases in C-Store sales.

iCatch Displays introduces the: "Convenience Store of the Future" multi-prong marketing approach.

Our program is designed to get the RIGHT MESSAGE at the RIGHT TIME to the RIGHT PEOPLE using the RIGHT MEDIA!

Our LED Displays combined with our controller software allows you to schedule timed messages for weeks in advance. The display will automatically display coffee promo's in the morning, sandwiches in the afternoon, milk and bread in the evening. you get the picture. The RIGHT MESSAGE at the RIGHT TIME!

Most of convenience stores are located on roads with incredibly high traffic counts. Those thousands of people passing your location everyday are the RIGHT PEOPLE. They are all going to buy fuel somewhere! We hit those "RIGHT PEOPLE" at the "RIGHT TIME" with the "RIGHT MESSAGE" to get them off of the street and into YOUR store instead of the competition across the street.

The only thing left to cover is the RIGHT MEDIA. Most convenience stores are using some type of Reader Board (Marquee). Usually it is a 6 inch plastic letter message.

We all know that these messages are rarely changed more than once a week. The letters get rearranged; blow down the road, among other short comings.

Electronic Message LED Displays use a BLINKING, FLASHING, SCROLLING message that changes several times per minute. Because of the special effects of the intensely illuminated message you will increase the effectiveness of your message from a meager 10% to 50, 60 70, 80% or more depending on sign saturation in the immediate area.

The advantages of the Electronic LED Signs over standard reader boards make it the "RIGHT MEDIA"

Ask yourself:

Of the 20 to 40 THOUSAND vehicles passing your C-Store:

  1. How many do you want to notice you?
  2. How many do you want to see a message about a product offering in your store?
  3. How many messages do you want them to see?
  4. How many do you want to stop and make a purchase in your C-Store?
  5. Here are the multiple choice answers:


Sending the RIGHT MESSAGE at the RIGHT TIME to the RIGHT PEOPLE using the RIGHT MEDIA will get AS MANY AS POSSIBLE which is exactly want you WANT, NEED and DESERVE.

Next question:

How many more days will you continue to send the WRONG MESSAGE at the WRONG TIME (coffee in the afternoon) to the RIGHT PEOPLE using the WRONG MEDIA (6" Plastic Letters)?

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