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The Right LED Display For A School

An optimally sized LED Sign or LED DIsplay is crucial for a school

Schools represent an interesting market segment for our industry. All of our other market segments use a Programmable Electronic LED Sign to increase sales and generate additional revenue for their business. Even churches experience a financial growth from an LED Sign through increased attendance and membership which result in increased offerings and tithing.

Schools are one market segment that has no way to quantify a financial return on their investment in an LED Display. The purpose of the LED Display is solely to provide a community service in the form of information regarding upcoming events and special announcements.

With no real financial return the cost of the displays becomes a very important issue.

When budget is an issue the goal becomes purchasing LED Signs that will get the job of communicating the necessary information effectively, at the lowest possible cost, done. It is essential in this case that your LED Display is properly sized and located.

Placing your LED Sign 10 feet closer to the road than you may have planned would result in being able to do the same job with an LED Sign that is one size smaller. The difference could mean a savings of thousands of dollars.

iCatch Displays has knowledgeable experts on hand to help your school select your LED Displays on the basis of minimal investment for maximum results.

We know what it takes to do the job right so give us a call and led us prepare a recommendation for your Electronic LED Display Sign project.

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