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Purchasing LED Displays

What should you look for in the company you purchase your LED Displays from?

When purchasing an LED Display it is very important to consider the company you are buying your LED Display from. As a business owner you are usually very busy and will probably not have enough time to become an expert on LED Displays. Buying from an expert is the next best option.

Who is An Expert

Quite simply a company that specializes in LED signs as their core business is your best bet. Because LED Displays are considered 'signage' it seems logical to contact a 'sign company' however most local sign companies deal very little in LED Displays.

Whereas a company that specializes in LED Displays may do hundreds of projects each year a local sign company may do one every other month. In addition, the local sign company doesn't usually scan the entire market for the best and latest technology. Quite often they will sell you whatever display was recommended by the vendor that came and took them out to lunch.

This is not exactly the best to way make a recommendation

Purchase from An Expert

Buying from a company that specializes in LED Displays will dramatically increase your chances of getting the latest technology at the best prices. A company that does hundreds of displays is going to be able to offer much better pricing through volume purchasing power than a company that only purchases an average of six units per year.

Some of the things you should consider before buying an LED Display are a Site Survey, Proper Recommendations, References and a thorough Education. Follow the links on the left to learn more.

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