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Get LED Display References

The Key To Being Comfortable With Your LED Display Supplier

When buying an LED Display it is important to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company with a good history of successful project completion.

Almost anyone can drum up three or four references regardless of their real performance.

Asking for a list of no less than 20 references from the company you are considering buying from will help to ensure you are dealing with someone with a great deal of experience with LED Displays.

When working with a local sign company make sure the references offered are customers that purchased LED Displays, not window decals, car magnets or standard interior signage. Most sign companies are very proficient at installing signs but when it comes to Digital or Electronic Signage experience is usually marginal.

In addition to customer references it doesn't hurt to ask for a bank reference, Dunn & Bradstreet or other trade references such as the company's main parts suppliers. A well established, reputable company will have this information ready and available for you anyway.

Be sure to ask your iCatch Displays representative for this information and call a few of the references. We are more than willing to provide you with any necessary information to make you feel comfortable ordering from our company.

Our commitment to references has a benefit for us as well. We want you to feel confident in our level of expertise. The more confident in us the less time you will need to spend researching and educating yourself about LED Displays.

It can take months to become an expert on this technology and everyday that your new display isn't up and working is costing you money in the form of missed sales opportunities.

Our goal is to get your display up and working as quickly and efficiently as possible. If our strong references don't make it any easier for you, we understand. Some people feel the need to do the 'homework' for themselves.

Please visit our LED Sign Technology section for a 'technical' education on LED Signs.

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