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LED Display Site Survey

The Key To Getting The Best recommendation

The process of making an optimal LED Display recommendation for you starts with finding out some key information about your location. The specific details of this process are proprietary and not something we are willing to share with our competitors right here on the World Wide Web but we will tell you enough to help you understand its importance.

There are many factors that will effect the overall performance of your LED Display. They include but are not limited to:

  • Speed Limit
  • Lanes of Traffic
  • Elevation of Sign Structure
  • Distance of Sign Structure from Street
  • Nearby Intersections or Bottlenecks
  • Obstacles in Line of Sight

In order to get an understanding for your individual LED Display needs it is critical to get the "lay of the land" before making a recommendation. Beware of any company that tries to pressure you into a purchase before gaining a true understanding of your location specific challenges and needs.

There are two basic types of surveys that can be performed, on-site or electronic. The on-site survey involves sending an expert to your location to do an evaluation. The electronic survey is done remotely via satellite technology. Businesses located in larger cities and metropolitan areas can normally be done electronically.

If your business is in a rural area the survey may need to be done 'on-site'. Some companies will offer a free 'on-site' survey but beware: this is usually a lure to get a high pressure sales guy in your front door.

At iCatch Displays we offer an On-Site Survey that involves sending out a professional to survey, measure and photograph your location in accordance with our 'secret recipe'. The cost for the survey is a mere $250 which is well worth it to ensure you get a proper recommendation for a purchase of this type.

In addition our On-Site Survey does not include a meeting with a pushy 'buy now' sales guy. It is in fact, a true survey not a sales meeting.

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