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LED Diplay Recommendations

Versus LED Display Order Taking

This section contains the most valuable tip for making sure that you are dealing with
a real expert in LED Displays.

Are you ready?

Here it is:

An expert will always make a recommendation as opposed to asking you what size or type of LED Sign you want.

Here at iCatch Displays we certainly understand that the traditional sales approach is to find out what the customer wants and give it to them, right? Well, we do want to give you what you want the question is: what do you REALLY want?

LED Signs are essentially black boxes filled with Light Emitting Diodes which can be programmed to form words or pictures.

Is the 'black box' what you are looking for?

Or, is it the benefits the box can produce in the form of more business?

If you think about it, certainly it's the business increase that you really want, not the black box and diodes. At iCatch Displays our focus is the results your new LED Display will bring in the form of increased sales.

There is only ONE best recommendation.

An LED display that is too small will not be legible or visible. If the display is larger than necessary that is OK but your hard earned dollars are now being wasted on overkill.

The keyword in getting a BEST recommendation is OPTIMAL. There is only one display size and type that is optimal for YOUR business. Getting an Led Display that is OPTIMAL starts with the survey process. Click the LED Display Site Survey link on the left to read more.

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