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Color Video Electronic Display Cost

Sample Ballpark Pricing For Color LED Signage

Full Color LED Signage is the latest in outdoor advertising technology. Full Color Electronic Displays give you the ability to display a full range of text, animations, graphics and even video if you select an electronic display with a high enough resolution.

Where Monochrome and Grayscale LED Signage only use one color of Light Emitting Diode or LED. to create text, images, animations and video a Full Color Led Sign uses a combination of Red, Green, and Blue LED's to create up to 281 Trillion different colors.

It is the use of the Blue and Green LED's that cause the price to jump considerably when going from Monochrome or Grayscale LED Signage to a Full Color Video Display. Red and Amber LED's are the least expensive of the different color of LED's available. Green LED's are higher in cost than red or amber and blue are more expensive to produce than green.

A 5' X 10' Electronic Display fabricated using only Red or Amber LED's will usually price out half that of a 5' X 10' Electronic Display using the same number of LED's but consisting of one third red, one third green and one third blue.

It is important to evaluate the specific needs of your business type to determine whether or not the additional cost color LED Signs will be worthwhile. It is the information that you communicate to the passing traffic that increases your business. The best method to communicate that information is not the same for all types of businesses.

iCatch Displays wants to see your business using the best possible LED Displays solution for YOUR business. We feel that the best solution is the one that provides the biggest increase to your bottom line with minimum investment to achieve that goal.

Take a look at a few Full Color LED Signage pricing examples below and then give us a call to help you select the perfect Electronic Display for your business.

Sample Prices* For Color Displays
Type Dims Matrix Pitch Price* Monthly Payment** Daily Payment***
Color 3' x 8' 40 x 112 20mm $25,800 $645/month $21.50/day
* Pricing example is for equipment only and does not include special wiring decives, transmitters, support structure, installation, or freight
** Payments are based on a 60 month lease with $1 buy-out and "A" Level credit
*** Daily payments are calculates at 1/30th of the estimated monthly payment

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