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Monochome Electronic Display Cost

Here Are Ballpark Sample Prices For Outdoor LED Signage

Monochrome LED Signage is the "Old-Faithful" of the LED Signage family. While there are many options in Electronic Displays the monochrome display is still the top performing dollar for dollar solution available to mainstream retail business owners worldwide.

Monochrome Electronic Displays are the most cost effective way for a business owner to communicate information to the passing traffic. iCatch Displays offers a full line of Outdoor Monochrome LED Displays.

In a world where everything is color, color, color it is difficult for most business people to understand that something with only a single color can be a better investment than something that is multi-color or full color.

If you consider the type of information you are trying to communicate to the passing traffic it becomes easier to understand. Think of a color laser copier. The color is a nice feature but nearly doubles the cost of the copier. If the majority of the information you are copying is text based then adding the color feature may be a waste of money. Nice to have but not necessary!

We encourage you to consider this information as many of our competitors only have a limited selection of monochrome electronic displays and would rather talk you into a more expensive color display. At iCatch Displays our focus is what's best for YOUR business, not ours...

Here is a pricing example for our Outdoor Monochrome LED Signage

Sample Prices* For Monochrome Displays
Type Dims Matrix Pitch Price* Monthly Payment** Daily Payment***
Monochrome 3' x 8' 24 x 64 34mm $12,800 $320/month $10.66/day
* Pricing example is for equipment only and does not include special wiring decives, transmitters, support structure, installation, or freight
** Payments are based on a 60 month lease with $1 buy-out and "A" Level credit
*** Daily payments are calculates at 1/30th of the estimated monthly payment

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