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Outdoor LED Signage Cost

Here Are Ballpark Sample Prices For Outdoor LED Signage

Outdoor LED Signage breaks down into a few more categories: Monchrome, Grayscale & Full Color. In order to select the correct Electronic Display it is very important to consider your business model.

Some businesses are more suited for communicating a text based message where others are more suited for a graphic message. The primary difference between the Monochrome, Grayscale and Full Color LED Signs is the ability to display text, graphics and video.

With increased capability comes increased cost. Spending additional money for a capability that will not result in additional profits for your particular type of business is something that we would like to help you avoid.

The food service industry (restaurants) are able to use full-color graphic images to depict their food. These images can create impulse purchases by taking advantage of a passer-by's hunger, tempting them with an image of a juicy burger.

An oil change facility on the other hand needs to communicate information about daily specials such as "Ladies Day" that would be difficult to depict graphically without the text. So in the case of the oil change facility the text matters more than the graphics and the additional cost associated with a full color electronic display to display graphics rather than a monchrome led sign that will only display text won't add any additional business increasing value and is therefore wasted money.

LED Signage is not a "one-size-fits-all" purchase and all of the options should be considered carefully. Our LED Displays Experts are just the qualified type of person you need to help you through the selection process.

Take a look at some examples of our Outdoor LED Signage pricing and then pick up the phone to get a system quote custom tailored to your business. Be sure to ask what discounts or special programs your business type may qualify for.

Sample Prices* For Outdoor Displays
Type Dims Matrix Pitch Price* Monthly Payment** Daily Payment***
Monochrome 3' x 8' 24 x 64 34mm $12,800 $320/month $10.66/day
Grayscale 3' x 8' 48 x 128 17mm $16,800 $420/month $14.00/day
Color 3' x 8' 40 x 112 20mm $25,800 $645/month $21.50/day
* Pricing example is for equipment only and does not include special wiring decives, transmitters, support structure, installation, or freight
** Payments are based on a 60 month lease with $1 buy-out and "A" Level credit
*** Daily payments are calculates at 1/30th of the estimated monthly payment

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