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Indoor LED Signage Pricing

What Can You Expect To Pay For Indoor LED Signage

Indoor LED Signage is the least common type of electronic display that we build. Most requests come in for LED Signage to be used outdoors.

There are many types of indoor electronic displays that use lighting methods other than L.E.D. such as LCD and Plasma displays. While LCD and Plasma are popular for indoor use they can't be used in outdoor lighting conditions as they are simply not bright enough. The most common type of indoor LED Signage is the type to be used for display in a window.

When LED Signs are to be placed in a window it is important to know that it will still need to compete with outdoor lighting conditions and therefore must be rated for outdoor brightness. If you attempt to use a display rated for indoor use in outdoor conditions the Electronic Display won't be visible enough to read clearly unless it is dark outside.

iCatch Displays is proud to offer a complete line of Indoor LED Displays that is rated for outdoor brightness.

The most common unit of measurement for Electronic Displays is the NIT. Indoor LED Signage is typically rated at 2,000 NITs. The minimum requirement for Outdoor LED Signage is 5,000 NITs if you want the display to compete with direct sunlight.

Our entire line of Indoor Electronic Displays is rated at 5,000 NITs to ensure proper daytime visibility. If your business is open during the daytime then we recommend a display with a minimum NIT rating of 5,000 NITs.

Here are some pricing examples for our Indoor LED Signage.

Sample Prices For Indoor Displays
1 Line 39.5" Long $1,000.00
2 Line 39.5" Long $1,500.00
3 Line 39.5" Long $2,000.00
4 Line 39.5" Long $2,500.00

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