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Grayscale LED Signage Cost

Here Are Ballpark Sample Prices For A Grayscale Electronic Display

Grayscale LED Signage is akin to a black and white television. It has the ability to display images and video in addition to text but the images are displayed in various shades of a single color.

Grayscale Electronic LED Displays are typically built using Red or Amber LED's. The Grayscale LED Signage shows images in 16 to 256 different shades of a single color depending on the type of controller that is built in to the Electronic Displays.

The different shades of a single color allow the display to show graphics or video, however the video will appear a red or amber color like a black and white T.V. with a red or yellow tint to it.

The Grayscale LED signs are a cost effective solution for business types that need some graphic capabilities beyond that of a Monochrome LED signage but need to maintain a strict budget number.

A good example of a proper application for Grayscale LED Signage is a Pet Store that will mostly display messages like "Dog Food - 5lb. Bag - $5.99" and would also like to show a graphic image of the Dog Food Brand Logo. The Grayscale Electronic Display will do both.

Consulting with one of our experts will make it easy to determine if Grayscale LED Signage is right for your business. Look at the examples below and then call iCatch Displays for a custom tailored system quote for your business.

Sample Prices* For Grayscale Displays
Type Dims Matrix Pitch Price* Monthly Payment** Daily Payment***
Grayscale 3' x 8' 48 x 128 17mm $16,800 $420/month $14.00/day
* Pricing example is for equipment only and does not include special wiring decives, transmitters, support structure, installation, or freight
** Payments are based on a 60 month lease with $1 buy-out and "A" Level credit
*** Daily payments are calculates at 1/30th of the estimated monthly payment

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